Welcome to the official website of IAAET. Our main goal is to serve as an association for stimulating and guiding its members to formulate the general goals and responsibilities to build the research and development activities in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology for the service of mankind and the advancement of general welfare.




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Friendly Organization of IAAET

An Appeal

    I have set up the International Association of Advances in Engineering And Technology(IAAET) with the help of leading Indian and international Professors of Engineering and Technology. The IAAET provides so much more than research and routine teaching. If you want to produce prime essays you can get your resources there. It is actively concerned with teacher education, mentoring and encouraging students, providing models for school and college curricula, guidance to teachers and institutions. In the educational area, we are stimulating and encouraging new pedagogy in different projects.

    We would like to increase domain of IAAET activities to fulfill the foundation’s objectives. We receive grants from government and private agencies.

    Unfortunately, the funding agencies rarely accept the full financial responsibility for programmes and typically fund roughly up to two-thirds of the total funds needed. Therefore, our programmes need support from multiple funding sources to survive. These sources include receiving multiple grants for one project, as well as support from individuals. In our case, success in expanding programs and services and in making good use of former grant funds has led us to another challenge.

    The IAAET, presently located in one small office in Kolhapur, is planning to purchase a suitable plot of land for the construction of institute building in Kolhapur. It is proposed to build two lecture halls, a library, office space and a computer lab in the first phase. To meet the challenge of our expanded efforts to Engineering education and improve students’ experiences and learning of Engineering and Technology. we need additional resources.

    Please show us you care and want us to keep working to advance Engineering and Engineering science education in India and Asian Countries. With your support we can raise funds needed to fully support our existing programs.

     I solemnly pledge that every rupee of your donation will be utilized gainfully for the cause for which it is donated.

  Prof.Ramesh Sinkha

Chairman & Managing Trustee, IAAET

Corporate / Individual Donations

Corporate Donors are companies and NGOs. In supporting IAAET,  Corporate/Individual Donors are investing in their own future by helping expand and strengthen the bridges between Engineering science and its commercial applications. They recognize that the insight gained from current research will help their businesses grow and thrive well into the future.

Members of the Corporate/Individual Donors program enjoy a variety of benefits and program sponsorship opportunities, some of which are listed below. For more information contact Chairman, IAAET.


Corporate/ Individual Donors Benefits

PARTNER - $25,000 (Indian Rs. 10,00,000) and above

  • The opportunity to be a named sponsor of a IAAET public outreach program with associated benefits
  • All of the benefits listed below

SPONSOR- $15,000 (Indian Rs.  6,00,000) and above

  • Invitations to all IAAET events
  • Opportunity to send a researcher/staff to each IAAET’s  event
  • Facilitation of colloquia speakers at IAAET Conference(s)
  • All of the benefits listed below

ASSOCIATE - $5,500 (Indian Rs.  2,00,000) and above

  • Invitation to  all IAAET international conference banquets
  • Invitation for two people to each of IAAET’s workshops/compact courses
  • Reduced registration fee for IAAET sponsored conferences
  • All of the benefits listed below

SUPPORTER - $2,500 (Indian Rs.  1,00,000) and above

  • Invitation for one person to each of IAAET’s workshops/compact courses
  • All of the benefits listed below

MEMBER - $1,500 (Indian Rs.  50,000) and above

  •  Listing on the corporate sponsor page of the IAAET web site and all IAAET Flyers.  
  • Opportunity to publish on the IAAET web site information about how mathematics is used in their organization

Why should I donate to IAAET? : Your gifts/donation to the IAAET will make it possible for us to do many of the things about which we now dream. A Permanent building, Visiting scholars, support for members and post docs, and ongoing independence and security for the Organization will all come with creation of a permanent IAAET endowment.