An International Journal (AMIJ)

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An International Journal (AMIJ) accepts scientific research and review articles from diverse fields in microelectronics, including but not limited to:

The realm of Advances in Multimedia - An International Journal (AMIJ) extends, but not limited, to the following:   - 2D to 3D conversion
  - Active Learning
  - Animation
  - Applications of Visual and Multimedia Techniques
  - Color and Multi-Spectral Processing
  - Computer Animation
  - Computer Vision
  - Displaying
  - Dynamic Modeling
  - Image-Based Rendering
  - Motion Capture and Synthesis
  - Multimedia Aanalysis
  - Multimedia Compression
  - Multimedia Encoding
  - Multimedia Retrieval
  - Multimedia Search
  - Multimedia Signal Processing
  - Multimedia Systems
  - Non-Photorealistic Rendering
  - Printing
  - Rendering Models
  - Scanning
  - Texturing
  - Virtual Reality Visualization

These areas aim to target the foremost scientific peer reviewed journal encompassing diverse fields related to the cutting-edge technological advances in both academic and industrial arenas.