International Journal of Experimental Algorithms (IJEA)

aligned to the right International Journal of Experimental Algorithms (IJEA) accepts scientific research and review articles from diverse fields in microelectronics, including but not limited to:

The realm of International Journal of Experimental Algorithms (IJEA) extends, but not limited, to the following:
  - Algorithm Engineering
  - Algorithmic Code
  - Algorithmic Engineering
  - Algorithmic Network Analysis
  - Analysis of Algorithms
  - Approximation Techniques
  - Cache Oblivious algorithm
  - Combinatorial Optimization
  - Combinatorial Structures and Graphs
  - Computational Biology
  - Computational Geometry
  - Computational Learning Theory
  - Computational Optimization
  - Data Structures
  - Distributed and Parallel Algorithms
  - Dynamic Graph Algorithms
  - Experimental Techniques and Statistics
  - Graph Manipulation
  - Graphics
  - Heuristics
  - Mathematical Programming For Algorithms
  - Metaheuristic Methodologies
  - Network Design
  - Parallel Processing
  - Randomized Techniques in Algorithms
  - Routing and Scheduling
  - Searching and Sorting
  - Topological Accuracy
  - Visualization Code
  - VLSI Design
These areas aim to target the foremost scientific peer reviewed journal encompassing diverse fields related to the cutting-edge technological advances in both academic and industrial arenas.