International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE)

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International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE)
The realm of International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE) extends, but not limited, to the following:
  - Ambiguity in Software Development
  - Application of Object-Oriented Technology to Engin
  - Architecting an OO System for Size Clarity Reuse E
  - Composition and Extension
  - Computer-Based Engineering Techniques
  - Data Modeling Techniques
  - History of Software Engineering
  - IDEF
  - Impact of CASE on Software Development Life Cycle
  - Intellectual Property
  - Iterative Model
  - Knowledge Engineering Methods and Practices
  - Licensing
  - Modeling Languages
  - Object-Oriented Systems
  - Project Management
  - Quality Management
  - Rational Unified Processing
  - SDLC
  - Software Components
  - Software Deployment
  - Software Design and applications in Various Domain
  - Software Engineering Demographics
  - Software Engineering Economics
  - Software Engineering Methods and Practices
  - Software Engineering Professionalism
  - Software Ergonomics
  - Software Maintenance and Evaluation
  - Structured Analysis
  - Structuring (Large) OO Systems
  - Systems Engineering
  - Test Driven Development
  - UML

These areas aim to target the foremost scientific peer reviewed journal encompassing diverse fields related to the cutting-edge technological advances in both academic and industrial arenas.