Journal of Selected Areas in Telecommunications (JSAT)

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Journal of Selected Areas in Telecommunications (JSAT) accepts scientific research and review articles from diverse fields in telecommunications, including but not limited to (click on each to expand):

1] Wireless and Cellular Communications
      Wireless Radio Technologies
      Satellite & Space Communications
      Communications Signal Processing and Electronics
      Communication Theory
      Ad-hoc Networks
      Sensor Technology
      LTE/LTE-Advanced Cellular
      Modeling and Simulation techniques
      Traffic Model Engineering and Analysis
      Femtocell Systems

2] Network Engineering
      Network Measurements
      Large-Scale Network Simulation Techniques
      Resource Provisioning and Network Optimization
      Next Generation Internet Systems and Protocols
      Cross-Layer Protocol Design
      Routing Optimizations
      Optical Switching and Networking
      Application-Specific Network Design
      Network Control and Management
      Grid Services and Networks

3] Information Theory
      Shannon Theory for Network Coding
      Network Coding and Algorithms
      Multiuser and Multi-Terminal Information Theory
      Quantum Information Processing
      Network Coding Security and Error Correction
      Detection and Estimation
      Cognitive Radio
      Joint Source-, Network-, and channel-coding
      Cooperative Communication
      Sequences and Complexity

4] Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
      Adaptive Signal Processing
      Non-Linear Signal Processing
      Array Signal Processing
      Audio, Speech, and Video Signal Processing
      Biomedical Signal Processing
      Data Hiding and Digital Watermarking
      Radar, Sonar, and Geophysical Signal Processing
      Statistical and Stochastic Signal Processing

5] Wireless and Wired Quality of Service (QoS)
      QoS Design and Architectures
      Quality of Experience (QoE)
      QoS/QoE Relationship
      QoS Modeling, Monitoring, and Adaptation
      QoS Policy Assessment
      QoS Measurement and Metrics
      QoS-Aware Routing Protocols
      QoS-Aware Security Systems
      QoS-Aware Admission Control
      QoS-Aware Resource Management and Opportunistic Scheduling
      QoS-Aware, Energy-Sensitive Protocols
      IEEE-based QoS Schemes (IEEE 802.11/15/16/20/21)
      Cellular-based QoS Schemes (LTE/LTE-A/3GPP)
      QoS in Ad-hoc Networks and Wireless Sensors

6] Wireless and Wired Security Systems
      Applied Cryptography
      Biometrics-based Privacy and Security
      Digital Forensics
      Digital Rights Management (DRM)
      Advanced Non-Repudiation Techniques
      Identity Management
      Information Hiding and Watermarking
      Intrusion Detection and Prevention Techniques
      Network Security and Protocol
      Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Security
      Security for Ad-Hoc Networks and Routing Protocols
      Security and Privacy for Mobile and Cellular Systems

These areas aim to target the foremost scientific peer reviewed journal encompassing diverse fields related to the cutting-edge technological advances in both academic and industrial arenas.