Once your paper is accepted the registration phase begins. You have to complete following FOUR steps.

Step 1 - Registration Fee

It is mandatory for at least one author of an accepted paper to register in order for the paper to appear in the Journal Proceedings and be included in the Technical Program. If an author has got more than one accepted papers, each paper has to be registered. The authors are advised to register by 15 days after getting the paper acceptence notification . Registration Fee includes listing the papers in the online digital library, and CD media & Hard copy of the Journal Proceedings. Also note that, those who want to have print media (hard copy) of the journal have to pay extra along with the registration fee.

Payment Category

For local authors

International authors

Registration - Academic Staff

INR 5000/-

US $ 300/-

Registration Scholar

INR 4500/-

US $ 250/-

Registration Post Graduate Students

INR 4000/-

US $ 225/-
Registration UG Students
INR 3500/-
US $ 200/-
Late Registration-Academic Staff

INR 5500/-

US $ 325/-

Late Registration-Scholar & PG Student

INR 5000/-

US $ 275/-

Extra page charge (per Page)

INR 1000/-

US $ 50/-

Extra Charge for Print media of Individual Volume of Journal

INR 3500/-

US $ 150/-

NOTE: Authors should bear the Service Charge (if any) of the bank in the Sender's Side.

Only student members can avail the reduction facility on the early bid registration. Student Authors must submit the scanned copy of the College/University identity card and bonafide certificate from head of the institution, at the time of registration. However their extra page charge and late registration fee remains same.

All participants other than UG student members are eligible for CD media of the journal. They will have to pay (optional) additional INR 500/- (or US $ 35/-) to obtain the same.

Registration form can be downloaded from PDF | Word

For Payment options Click Here

Send your completed registration form along with the scanned copy of the proof of payments to ijjceas AT gmail.com

Step 2 - Copyright Transfer

All Authors have to sign (for their individual paper) Copyright Transfer Agreement Form, which is in editable PDF format. Send your completed copyrights forms to the following email ID only IJJCEAS2010 AT gmail.com

Step 3 - Camera Ready Paper Submission

You have to submit the camera ready paper in accordance with the standard gopalax(Technica) Publisher's double-column format. Date for Camera Ready Paper Submission: 22nd Jan 2013 . Camera Ready paper must follow the double column gopalax Publisher's (Technica)common template for proceedings. Failing this will result in rejection.

The file name of your contribution/paper should be in a following format, so that your submissions will be reflected in the respective track.

Conference/Track Code
     Computer Science (Code: IJJCEAS12-CS)
     Electrical & Electronics (Code: IJJCEAS12-EE)
     Mechanical Engineering (Code: IJJCEAS12-ME)
     Civil Engineering (Code: IJJCEAS12-CE)

The category of the paper will be finally decided by the Reviewers, based on the Research content, Presentation and other Quality criteria set by the review panel. All the accepted papers will fall into any one of the following category. Request for changing the category will not be entertained.

Research Papers Category Code
     Research Paper (Code: RP)
     Short Paper (Code: SP)
     Poster Paper (Code: PP)
     Information Paper (Code: IP)

Paper shall be named in the order of

Conference Code_Category Code_Paper ID.doc

For example, if a scholar XYZ submitting a short paper (file) named ABC.doc whose paper ID is 777 in Computer Science track, then the camera ready paper should be named as “IJJCEAS12-CS_SP_777.doc”. All the accepted papers should be named according to given convention.

All papers must conform to standard gopalax(Technica) Publisher's double-column format and must be submitted as ‘DOC’ (Microsoft Word) file format not exceeding 10 pages including text, figures, tables and references. All accepted papers will be archived in gopalax (Technica)Publisher, Singapore Digital Online Resources. Numbering the pages are not allowed.

The gopalax Publisher's guidelines, available at

Allowed pages (while submitting the camera ready paper) for different categories are limited to as follows. Along with the registration fee, different categories get some no. pages as free. Remaining pages have to be purchased.

Research Papers Category

FREE Pages

Paying Extra Charge

Research paper

5 Pages

4 Pages

Short Paper

3 Pages

4 Pages

Poster Paper

3 Pages

3 Pages

Information Paper

3 Pages

2 Pages

Send your camera ready papers to only IJJCEASregister AT gmail.com

Step 4 - Registration

Send your completed registration form along with the scanned copy of the proof of payments to ijjceas AT gmail.com

File name of Copyright Form, Registration Form, Payment Proof, Camera Ready Paper can be (or must have ) the Paper ID